Employment Pass growth 13 times more than locals?

New measures to help unemployed S’poreans

I refer to the article “Parliament: New measures to help unemployed Singaporeans and employers who take them on” (Straits Times, Apr 8).

21% of jobs over $3,300 are foreigners?

It states that “Nationwide, 21 per cent of jobs within the Employment Pass salary range of $3,300 and above are filled by foreigners, and the growth of Employment Pass holders has slowed to 9,000 in 2015, down from 32,000 in 2011”.

Employment Pass growth 13 times more than locals?

Since locals’ jobs’ growth was only 700 in 2015 – does it mean that Employment Pass holders’ growth last year was about 1,200 per cent (9,000 divided by 700) or about 13 times that of locals’ jobs’ growth?

Employment Pass growth how many times more than S’poreans?

Since we do not know how many of the locals’ jobs’ growth of 700 were Singaporeans – the Employment Pass holders’ growth may be even more than 20 times that of locals’ jobs’ growth.

Foreigners competing with S’porean PMETs? 

Since about 28 per cent of the 31,600 foreigners’ jobs growth (9,000 divided by 31,600) last year was due to Employment Pass holders – is it not indicative that foreigners arguably, may be taking away jobs from Singaporean PMETs?

What % of jobs to PRs?

Also, since 21 per cent of jobs within  the Employment Pass salary range of $3,300 and above are filled by foreigners – what percentage are filled by permanent residents (PRs)?

PRs & foreigners earn more than S’poreans?

Since PRs generally earn more than Singaporeans – do foreigners on Employment Pass also generally earn more than Singaporeans?

550,000 new citizens/PRs?

In this connection, if the number of new citizens and PRs granted last year was about the same as the  50,202 (20,348 new citizens + 29,854 new PRs) in 2014 – does it mean that there were about 550,000 (estimated) new citizens (175,000) and new PRs (375,000) granted from 2007 to 2015?

Reciprocate trust with more transparency?

Since the people have given their trust and mandate – shouldn’t we reciprocate by being more transparent?

Leong Sze Hian

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