BHS increased to $52,000 – $346,000 at 65?

Piggy bank in the hands of the doctor.Piggy bank in the hands of the doctor.

Basic Healthcare Sum increased to $52,000

The Basic Healthcare Sum has been increased from $49,800 to $52,000, from 1 January 2017.

Got announce in media?

I don’t remember reading about this increase in the media.

Did you?

4.4% increase in 1 year?

So, the BHS increased by $2,200 or about 4.4 per cent in one year.

Cohort basis changed to age 65?

As the BHS is on a cohort basis at age 65 – it will not increase for those who are 65 years old.

I believe this is a departure from past cohort based CPF schemes’ amounts which I understand has always been at age 55.

So, why the apparent change now?

Got announce in media?

Was this announced in the media or Parliament?

$346,000 BHS when you are 65?

If you are say 21 years old now – can you imagine what your BHS may be when you are 65? ($345,800 ($52,000 compounded at 4.4 per cent for 44 years?))

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