Milk powder: MPs call for transparency – What about HDB, CPF?


Milk powder: MPs call for greater transparency, fair pricing

I refer to the article “Infant milk formula price hikes: MPs call for transparency, fair pricing” (Channel NewsAsia, May 6).

It states that “Concerns over the price of infant milk formula have got the attention of some Members of Parliament (MP) who will be raising the issue when Parliament sits on Monday (May 8). 

MP for MacPherson SMC Tin Pei Ling told Channel NewsAsia that she hopes for greater transparency in terms of how milk powder is priced.”

Greater transparency and fair pricing of HDB flats?

If we can call for greater transparency and fair pricing of milk powder – why can’t we call for greater transparency and fair pricing of HDB flats?

What is the breakdown of BTO flats’ prices into construction and land costs?

Greater transparency and fair return of CPF?

What is the difference historically between the weighted average interest rate paid on all our CPF account types (OA, SA, Medisave, RA), and the historical annualised return derived from investing CPF funds?

Why HDB flats cost many times more than other countries?

As to “Compared with other comparable countries, it (the price) is two to three times more. “I think there must be fair pricing whether in terms of over time, or whether in terms of comparing with other countries. I think this is something that as consumers, we should have a better understanding of” – why does our public housing cost many times more than countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, etc?

Is our public housing the highest priced in the world when measuring the ratio of price to net income?

Why real CPF % lowest in the world since 1999?

Is the real rate of interest on the CPF Ordinary Account (OA) the lowest among all national pension funds in the world since 1999?

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