Family of 3 gets $1,350 cash help for 3 months, $650 next 3 months?


I refer to the article “UBER DRIVER HIT BY SERIOUS ILLNESS; GOES TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HELP” (allsingaporestuff, May 14).

It states that “I couldn’t walk due to being bed bound for 5 months, my body’s condition relatively weak and vomiting become the norm the first thing in the morning.

My wife couldn’t work as she have to take care of my daily activity and setting my meals, not to mentioned my weekly medical appointment for different specialist etc pancreas/diabetics/renal/inflammation. My 2 years 7 month old baby boy is currently being taken care by my mother in law.

The most latest bad news, which came from the renal doctor, told me that even though my kidney does not requires immediately dialysis but based on the blood test status, it will be a matter of time that my kidney give way and will need dialysis by then.

We have applied grants from varies gov social help and they all have been helping me and family in some funds, rental waiver, ntuc vouchers which me and my family are very grateful too.

Grants from the SSO (6 Months)

• $650 Cash

• Rental Waiver

• Pub Rebate $20

• Pay-U $40 Cash

• S&CC Rebate

Grants from the Church (3 Months)

• $350 Cash

Grants from CC (3 Months)

• $150 Cash

Grant from Hospital ( 1 Year)

• Waiver of Hospital bills

• 100% Waiver of Medical Appointment

• 100% Waiver of Medications.

Grant from CDAC (3 Months)

• $100 Ntuc Voucher

• $100 Cash

Grant from Family Service Centre

• Helping our child to enrol in a childcare centre

If any kind soul willing to assist me and my family, my account number is OCBC 5017339267.

Or if you would prefer to donate to my child CDA account, it’s OCBC 5241046563

Source:  ($3,277 raised as of 14 May 9.30 pm)”

If he can get a doctor’s report that he is unable to work – he may be able to get the CPF Board to release his CPF in instalments.

If he is unable to work permanently, he may also be able to claim the $46,000 under the Dependents’ Protection Scheme (DPS) (permanent total disability) and pay off any outstanding HDB mortgage under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) (permanent total disability).

I have consolidated and summarised the cash assistance that he is receiving as follows:

$1,350 for the first 3 months (SSO (ComCare) – $650, Church – $350, Grants from CC – $150, CDAC – $100 cash & $100 NTUC voucher)

For the next 3 months, after the first 3 months – (SSO (ComCare) – $650)

After 6 months – I think it may be subject to review under ComCare

Leong Sze Hian

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