Any assistance given to jobless (6 months) mother & child?


For a 6-month jobless mother, why did she not get any financial assistance from some places which are supposed to help? 

I refer to the article “JOBLESS SINGLE MUM WITH AUTISTIC SON FACES BLACKOUT WITH ZERO PAY U UNIT” (allsingaporestuff, Sep 19).

It states that “<Post by>

Hope you remember me.

I have seeked your help before in 2015, now I’m jobless again since Feb 2017 as my company has closed down.”

How much financial assistance did she get in 2015, and what was her situation then?

What was her job (shipping clerk?) and the monthly gross and net income (after CPF deduction)?

Did she go to the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) for assistance to find a job since she lost her job in February? What was her experience like – how many job interviews, etc?

As to “SSO is still asking me to wait for the result of my application which I did on 5 Aug and my PayU is almost zero. I am using my reserve unit now. It will last till tomorrow evening latest” – what is the average time that it takes for the SSO to process applications for financial assistance? Has she received financial assistance from the SSO in the past?

Did she get any financial assistance under the ComCare Transitions Scheme – “scheme providing assistance for those temporarily unable to work” – in the last six months or so since she lost her job in February and apparently has been jobless since?

Why did she apparently wait for about six months (February to 4 August), to apply for financial assistance from the SSO?

With regard to “My ezlink card only has $2 balance, I can’t even attend interviews and I don’t have a single cent on hand” – is her family eligible to apply, and did anyone advise her to try to apply for a public transport voucher?

In respect of “My mortgage default is reaching $10,800 of which $850 is late payment charges and my SP bill owed is close to $260” – how much is her monthly mortgage payment, relative to her monthly CPF Ordinary Account (OA) contribution, when she was working?

As to “Hope you remember my 18-year-old autistic son Heeren and please help me out one more time till I get a reply from SSO.

The electricity top-up is the most critical one for now” – did she go to her Member of Parliament’s (MP) meet-the-people sessions to seek assistance?

“Thanks a lot.


Note: A Good Samaritan has transferred some money to the family for Pay U top-up and grocery purchase. If you like to help out with any other area please let know. Ms Chandra has experience working as a shipping clerk


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