Jobs: Supernatural success of Adapt and Grow?


Wow! “Adapt and Grow” helped 20,000 Singaporeans find jobs in 2017!

Have you seen the video clip which says that in 2017, “Adapt and Grow” helped 20,000 Singaporeans to find jobs?

In this connection, according e2i’s web site – “PCP is a programme under the national Adapt and Grow initiative.   This programme is suitable for mid-career switchers who are prepared to undergo On-Job Training (OJT) to transit into an industry that is new to them.

PCP provides career growth support to mid-career Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians across many sectors.   Upon successful programme completion, PCP participants will be awarded with accredited qualifications.

e2i employability coaches match suitable PCP participants with companies who sign up for the PCP scheme.

See more at: | Employment and Employability Institute, e2i”

In a media report last year – “In the first eight months of this year, these programmes (Adapt and Grow) to help workers adapt to rapid technological changes helped more than 16,000 workers land new jobs.

According to the article “S$28m boost for fund to help PMETs switch careers” (Today, Jun 16, 2017) – “Since the PCP started in 2007, about 7,000 have undergone courses and made a career switch.”

In “The speech (which) was delivered on 6 March 2017 during the Committee of Supply Debate 2017 – “Last year, we launched 36 new Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) to help more than 1,000 PMETs switch careers, and to take on job openings in these sectors that are still growing and hiring.

Last year, WSG, together with NTUC e2i, SNEF and our tripartite partners, helped more than 20,000 jobseekers to secure jobs. This is an increase of about 15%.”

The Ministry of Manpower should be congratulated for the astronomical growth of the PCP under the “Adapt and Grow”, from just about 7,000 since the PCP started in 2007 to around February 2017 – to 20,000 In 2017.

This is a phenomenal growth rate of about 2,800 per cent (20,000 In 2017 divided by an average of 700 per year from 2007 to 2017).

Also, did we “helped more than 20,000 jobseekers (all jobseekers, not just “Adapt and Grow”) to secure jobs, or “Adapt and Grow” helped 20,000 find jobs?

If not for the MOM’S supernatural success as described above – the following labour statistics may have been even worse:-

… “The annual average unemployment rate for 2017 for Singaporeans was 3.3 per cent, higher than the average of 3.1 per cent in 2016”

… “The recovery in the labour market was also seen in the number of local residents in employment, which grew by 21,300, or 0.9 per cent, last year.

This is almost double the growth in 2016” – with an average of about 30,000 new permanent residents (PRs) and 20,000 new citizens granted per year – how many of the 32,500 local residents’ employment growth in the last two years went to Singaporeans?

If we account for the foreign workers who were reclassified as resident workers when they became PRs or citizens – how many of the jobs went to Singaporeans?

Leong Sze Hian

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