38 Oxley Rd: Happy ending alas?


Is this the happy ending of the saga of 38 Oxley Road?

I refer to the articles “38 Oxley Road report: 3 pieces of evidence ministerial committee relied on to determine Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking on house”, “Ministerial panel lays out 3 options for 38 Oxley Road, says fate of Lee Kuan Yew’s house is for future govt to decide”,  “Just 16 bungalows like Lee Kuan Yew’s house left in Singapore: Heritage Board”, “Oxley Road report: PM Lee accepts committee’s conclusion on his late father’s wishes and the options on house”, “Oxley Road: Demolish, redevelop or preserve 38 Oxley Road? The options that were discussed”, “Heritage value of Oxley Road home of public interest: DPM Teo”, and “Oxley Road: Preserving Oxley Road basement dining room a good intermediate option” (Straits Times, Apr 2).

I spoke to a few people and here is a consolidation and summary of their views and  what they said:

“Wow, this must be the record number of articles and pages in the history of the Straits Times for one news story in one day!

Aiyah, after so many months, so much effort and resources – just telling us the obvious lah  (3 options), but never say the obvious and most important lah  – the other 2 options still contradicts his last will.

Aiyoh, and citing his letter in 2011, etc , may simply mean that he was trying very hard to accommodate others who were against his wish, and eventually finally stuck to his original wish – otherwise why was the second clause in the last will as stated?

Bo liao lah – its like saying – leave it to future Government to decide but now give one thousand and one reasons why the third option (his original, last and final wish) is the worst one lah – with a 31-page report from the National Heritage Board to boot plus so many pages and articles on the same day in the Straits Times!

Haha – Singaporeans not stupid – can see one lah!”

Leong Sze Hian

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