2 pages HDB: Shit Times not worth the paper it is printed on?

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2 full pages on HDB in the Sunday Times, but never say the obvious?

I refer to the article “Tackling the HDB 99-year lease issue: Are HIP and Vers the answers?” (Sunday Times, Aug 26).

It states that “To begin with, the HDB’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP), which heavily subsidises the costs of fixing maintenance problems of ageing flats such as spalling concrete and structural cracks, will be expanded to cover newer blocks.

The scheme, which previously covered flats built up to 1986, will now be extended to those built up to 1997. This will benefit another 230,000 flats in estates such as Pasir Ris, Yishun, Tampines and Jurong.”

My friends said “Aiyah, no wonder shit timed is 151st lah – 2 full pages on HDB never say or ask the obvious lah!

At least your RI classmate, Han  Fook Kwang – former ST Chief Editor – dare to speak the obvious lah!

Very good leh – he said “Singapore is a small, compact place and it isn’t hard for leaders to know the public sentiment, provided, of course, that they are willing and prepared to listen”

Heh maybe after years of “buy lah – ‘asset enhancement’ hor”

Now know liao! – Actually kenna sai – CPF and cash all gone end 99 years!

Pay most expensive public housing in the world which will become worthless one hehe! (not funny hor!)

Now over 40 years old one – price very low – every year price drop! dont worry hor – every HDB flat will be upgraded twice hor!

So stupid right – no wonder 151st one – never tell you the obvious – lease is still 99 years hor!!

Damn stupid right! Make you pay some more 2 times some more- in the end still worthless – all CPF and cash used for flat vanish into thin air hor!

This ‘Very Expensive Recycling Scheme’ lagi best – ask you to sell your HDB when 70 years old!

You think like enbloc for private one har! This one not private developers bid the highest price hor! This one only one price one – sell to cheng hu lah!

So, what you do after you sell?

Downgrade to smaller flat is it? Maybe can make some small money to retire since most CPF gone to HDB liao?

Or make no money, but buy similar flat – but very good lah – 99 year problem gone – new flat means like extend for up to another 99 years lah!

Heh! This problem is who create one hah?

This one the best! Cheng hu now say I give you choice hor! To solve the 99-year  problem hor!

Eh, who created this problem in the first place har?

Oh don’t say I never tell you hor! VERS is less generous than SERS you know!

Oh no – actually we are also so stupid – talk so much now – in 20 years time – you think still same cheng hu meh! hahahahaha

Ownself laugh ownself!

HDB – ‘Housing until Die Broke’!

Uniquely Singapore!”

Leong Sze Hian



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