Govt’s lawyers (AGC) awarded $22,400 legal costs & disbursements from poor unvaccinated litigants who were losing their jobs, in their Judicial Review, which affects more than 100,000 non-fully vaccinated S’poreans?

“In summary, the Class Action (coordinated by TR Emeritus) was primarily in respect of the Covid-19 discriminatory measures allowing employers to terminate non-fully vaccinated employees, among other things.
In this connection, it may be interesting to note that only 300 persons out of the population of 5.45 million, have been granted exemption from being vaccinated, on medical grounds.
The AGC had argued that the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) communication allowing employers to terminate non-fully vaccinated employees, was only an advisory and not a directive.
The judgement described the statistics presented by the litigants as “shaky”, even though the computations were derived from data published in the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website.
The computations showed that the primary reason of ‘so as not to stress the healthcare system” for the Covid-19 discriminatory measures, was mathematically flawed, as the ratios (incidence rate x the no. in the population) for those in ICU and deaths (fully-vaccinated vs non-fully vaccinated) indicated to the contrary.
Public Interest
As the Class Action was a matter of ‘very significant impact’ affecting an estimated 132,000 non-fully vaccinated adults (which may be increasing by the day as many have not taken their required boosters to maintain their fully-vaccinated status) – the litigants submitted to the court that no costs should be awarded as this was a matter of great public interest since so many people were affected and also a matter of great constitutional importance.
Unfortunately, Justice Dedar Singh Gill was not on the side of the litigants.”
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“for TR Emeritus (CA Revised)
Protected July 28th, 2022 | Author: Dy Editor
Please be informed that an unexpected turn of event has forced TR Emeritus (TRE) to once again, revise our crowdfunding priority, after deciding just a few days ago, that we will be standing down the funding request for TRE and concentrate on raising our techie’s much-needed Medical Fund of S$30,000.
As most of our readers are aware of, the High Court has just awarded costs of S$20,400 to the AGC after Justice Dedar Singh Gill had dismissed the Class Action initiated by a group of unvaccinated litigants against the MTF.
Since TRE was the coordinator for that action, we feel that it is only fair that we see the entire action through to completion, hoping to not further burden the litigants concerned, since they have already suffered so much inconveniences due to the discriminatory policies dished out by the MTF.
As such, effective immediately (28th July), we are revising our crowdfunding objective to combine both the costs for the defeated Class Action against the MTF and our techie’s Medical Fund into a single request of S$50,000.
The combined request of S$50,000 will be priortise as follows:
1. The first $20,000 raised will be fully used to settle the costs awarded to the AGC.
2. Only donations in excess (if any) of the initial S$20,000 will be directed towards our techie’s Medical Fund. *
* Updates on the total amount received will be posted on a moving marquee on the main page of TRE. The cut-off date for the crowdfunding request remains at 1st September 2022.
How To Donate
To avoid confusion, we will again be using Ms Han Hui Hui’s POSB account and TRE’s official PayPal account to receive donations. Other options are being considered and will be included, if feasible.
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* For those wishing to donate only towards our techie, Andrew’s Medical Fund, please use this dedicated PayPal link. This is his wife’s personal PayPal account.
Thank you for your continued support and God bless you all.
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