99.7% of jobs growth to foreigners?

  1. Lowest jobs growth in 12 years
  2. I refer to the article “Employment growth slows to lowest in 12 years; unemployment remains low” (Straits Times, Jan 28).

It states that “Just 31,800 more people here were employed at the end of last year – the lowest annual growth since 2003 – although unemployment remained low.

99.7% of jobs growth to foreigners?

Citizens and permanent residents made up 100 of these, with the bulk of the growth coming from the foreign workforce.”

So, does it mean that 99.7 per cent of the jobs growth went to foreigners?

How many of the 100 jobs to locals went to Singaporeans?

Something very wrong with our labour policies?

There may be something very wrong with our labour policies when the outcome is that Singaporeans got less than 0.3 per cent of the jobs growth.

“Tightened supply of foreign manpower”?

As to “The slower growth took place “amidst sluggish global economic conditions and slower growth of the Singapore economy, and tightened supply of foreign manpower”, said MOM in a statement” – how can the “tightened supply of foreign manpower” result in almost all of the jobs growth going to non-Singaporeans?

Were most of the retrenched Singaporeans? 

With regard to “A total of 14,400 workers lost their jobs last year, up from 12,930 in 2014, continuing a steady rise since 2010” – how many were Singaporeans – most of them?

Leong Sze Hian

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