Ministers’ bonus: 4 easy criteria?


Why is it that for Ministers’ bonus can tell you the income of Singaporeans, but manpower reports cannot – for Singaporeans’ income and jobs growth?

I refer to the article “Parliament: Political office holders received average performance bonus of 4 months’ salary in last 5 years” (Straits Times, Sep 10).

It states that “Political office holders of all grades received an average annual performance bonus of around four months’ salary in the last five years, with the amount given to each individual ranging between three and six months of their pay each year …

The performance bonus is one of the components that make up the benchmark salaries of political office holders. The other components include their monthly salary, the 13th month non-pensionable annual allowance, national bonus, and annual variable component as paid to civil servants.”

My friends said “aiyah, this performance bonus thingy is kelong  one!

4 wayang criteria lah!

No. 1 – Singaporeans’ Unemployment Rate – this one the easiest one hor! Grant 20,000 new citizens every year – mostly working one – so, Sinkies unemployment rate look lower lah!

No. 2 – Real GDP Growth – you know like last year announce increase infrastructure spending $22 billion – so, GDP up by the stroke of a pen hehe!

No. 3 and 4 – Real 20th Percentile & Mediun Income Growth – aiyah in recent years so many income statistics change to including employer CPF contribution – like full-time employed residents’ income (means part-time workers up to 35 hours a week and unemployed not counted is it)? And household income same same lah – also include employer CPF – CPF can use to eat and pay for expenses meh?

Heh, this one pejia lobang lah – for Minister’s pay got Sinkies’ income – then how come always cannot breakdown the Manpower reports into Sinkies’ income and jobs growth?

Aiyah, conveniently tell you lump together with PRs as residents lah!”

Uniquely Singapore!

Leong Sze Hian

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Leong Sze Hian has served as the president of 4 professional bodies, honorary consul of 2 countries, an alumnus of Harvard University, authored 4 books, quoted over 1500 times in the media , has been a radio talkshow host, a newspaper daily columnist, Wharton Fellow, SEACeM Fellow, columnist for theonlinecitizen and Malaysiakini, executive producer of Ilo Ilo (40 international awards), Hotel Mumbai (associate producer), invited to speak more than 200 times in about 40 countries, CIFA advisory board member, founding advisor to the Financial Planning Associations of 2 countries. He has 3 Masters, 2 Bachelors degrees and 13 professional  qualifications.