Elections Dept kiasu because … ?


Elections rules that defy common sense!


It states that “The proposed amendment to the Parliamentary Elections Act (PEA) regarding ballot boxes announced last week raises troubling questions.

The amendment provides for the Elections Department (ELD) to disregard the vote count for a polling station if the votes in a sealed ballot box is lost or destroyed before the ballots are counted. But if the officials consider the number of votes in the particular polling station enough to change the final result for that constituency, a fresh poll can be called.

Why is this amendment being introduced and why is it being done now? Have ballot boxes been lost or destroyed in the past? Can the ELD tell the public whether this has happened in the past?

If the answer is no, then why propose to fix something when it is not broken? Is the PAP anticipating a problem? It is troubling that the Government does not offer any explanation why it is changing the law regarding this matter.”

In this connection, the following strange changes were made in the last 2015 general elections:

… candidates and political parties Central Executive Committee (CEC) members cannot speak at other parties or independent candidates’ rallies

What are we afraid of? Opposition joining forces, like in Malaysia, or independent candidates?

… no performances, like singing or dancing allowed

What are we afraid of? That opposition rallies may be more entertaining?

Kiasu until like this – might as well don’t be in politics!

Uniquely Singapore!

Leong Sze Hian

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