NEA: Never Ever Action?


How many years must the hawkers wait, before the NEA acts on their grievances? 

I refer to the article “Social enterprise operators to get views of hawkers” (Straits Times, Oct 25).

It states that “In yet another move to address hawkers’ concerns on the way not-for-profit hawker centres are run, Dr Amy Khor said she has asked all social enterprise operators to form feedback groups in the centres they manage.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) will also actively engage these feedback groups to better understand ground issues, and facilitate timely responses. I am glad to share that the operators have welcomed this idea.””

Even as at least one MP has confirmed that he has been getting feedback from the hawkers – why are we still not answering the important questions, instead of just simply delaying for more time – until when?

And the important questions, arguably are:

How much have the average total costs of these affected hawkers increased since the NEA started their new Dept of Cleaning in 2012? About 2.5 times?

What are the profits or losses of NTUC Foodfare (its web site says ‘coming soon’ for many months already, for its annual report)?

Leong Sze Hian


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