Elite give back to society, but Govt never give back?


The hypocrisy of an elite Government that calls on Singaporeans to give back to society, when it takes from, rather than give back to society?

I refer to the article “Chan Chun Sing urges Singaporean ‘elite’ to give back to society” (the independent, Oct 30).

It states that “Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing addressed this issue recently, urging people not to make all-encompassing generalizations about each other and to make a clear distinction between “elites” who use their success and wealth to give back to society and those with an “elitist attitude” who do not reach out to help their fellow man.

Minister Chan urged all Singaporeans, but especially the wealthy, to give assistance to society and be more conscious of their fellow countrymen who are in need.

“Those who have succeeded must know they have the responsibility to help [other] Singaporeans. 

If we abide by that spirit, I am confident Singapore will grow from strength to strength,” he said.”

Let’s analyse what our ‘elite’ ‘highest paid’ Government gives back to society.

… HDB – give back nothing, because the Government makes money by charging land at market prices

… CPF – give back nothing, because it is all the people’s contributions – and the Government makes money by keeping a significant portion of the returns derived from investing our CPF funds

… Social welfare – give back a miserly sum (only $131 million from ComCare) – the lowest social welfare spending as a percentage of GDP among all the developed countries

In summary, the Government gives back very little, but takes a lot by forever increasing prices (transport, water, electricity, etc) – to accumulate about $1.3 trillion in the reserves, $9.6 billion Budget surplus last year, about $30 billion Budget surpluses and $190 billion Cash Budget surpluses, in the last decade or so.

What say you – Minister Chan Chun Sing?

Uniquely Singapore!

Leong Sze Hian

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