Breaking news: Higher ratio of deaths fully vax (with /without booster), relative to non-fully vax?

Breaking news Cases jumped to 1,448 54-day high! (29)
Ratio of deaths (“7-Day Moving Average of Number of Deaths, per 100k Population, by Vaccination Status”) : Fully vax with booster to non-fully vax – 0.41 : 0.04
4,085,464 fully vax with booster (23 May) x 0.01 fully vax with booster per 100,000 (28 May) = 0.41 : 132,000 non-fully vax age 18 & above (10 Jan) x 0.03 per 100,000) = 0.04
930,007 fully vax without booster (5,015,471 fully vax 23 May) x 0.05 fully vax without booster per 100,000 (28 May) = 0.47
96% of eligible population fully vaccinated
92% of total population fully vaccinated
76% of total population Received booster shots
Even if the chance is the same for the fully vax versus the non-fully vax – the percentage of the non-fully vax should logically be about 8% (since 92% are fully vaccinated) – ratio of 92 : 8, not 0.47: 0.04?
Statistics on the breakdown of the daily deaths into fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated started to disappear in the last week of October
Why did we stop giving the breakdown of the vax, partially vax and unvax for deaths?
In this connection, perhaps we should heed the MOH’s statement “We wish to remind members of public that transparency and accuracy of information undergirds public confidence in a pandemic crisis”?
May be an image of text that says 'Higher ratio deaths fully vax (with /without boostr) relative to non-fully vax? Ratio deaths 7-Day Moving Average No. of Deaths per 100k Population by Vax Status: Fully vax with booster to non-fully vax 0.41 0.04 Fully vax without booster to non non-fully vax 0.47: 0.04 Even if the chance is the same for fully vax VS non-fully vax % of non-fully vax should logically be 8% (since 92% fully vax)- Consistently told chances of non- fully vax many times more than fully vax how can ratio be 0.47 0.04?'
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