Nurse’s vaccination side effects – hospitalised 151 day, became wheelchair bound, sacked by the hospital for being unfit to work

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Was attributing the “stress to the healthcare system” primarily to the “non-fully vaccinated” justified?

“Ex-nurse wins appeal against paying child maintenance, after severe COVID-19 vaccine reaction” (CNA, Jan 13)

“The woman became wheelchair-bound and in need of oxygen intubation. She lost her job thereafter.

She was hospitalised for 151 days from March to October 2021, and was diagnosed with Involuntary Movement Disorder

In his decision granting the woman’s appeal, Justice Choo Han Teck noted that the woman’s medical condition did not ease after her hospitalisation.

“Her financial problems increased because of a reduction of her salary when she was on prolonged illness leave,” he said.

The woman received her full monthly pay of S$8,244 for 2021, but this was halved for the first six months of 2022. She received no pay for the rest of 2022.

At the appeal hearing, she produced a letter dated December 2022 from SGH, notifying her that her employment had been terminated with immediate effect after an internal medical review found her unfit to work.

“A comparison between the lean and the leaner shows that the wife is virtually down to her last straws financially, having to contend with the costs of oxygen therapy and her living expenses, and no prospect of any alleviation because she can no longer work.”

But Justice Choo said it was “obvious even to counsel” that the ex-wife was wheelchair-bound and barely able to speak more than a few words audibly without suffering from “shortness of breath which reduces her voice to an inaudible whisper”.

“She requires constant intubation with an oxygen tank,” said the judge. “It is plain that she is in no state to undertake gainful employment.”

According to the Health Sciences Authority’s latest COVID-19 vaccine safety update for the period of Dec 30, 2020 to Aug 31, 2022, 0.007 per cent of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Moderna/Spikevax vaccine doses administered led to reports of suspected serious adverse events.

For the Nuvaxovid vaccine, 0.03 per cent of administered doses led to serious adverse events.

For the Sinovac-CoronaVac and Sinopharm vaccines, the proportion was 0.006 per cent.”……/ex-nurse-wins……


Since it is now already Jan, 2023 – why is it that there is still no update on the serious adverse events (last report was in Aug 2022)?

Up-to-Date Vaccination in the eligible population continues to decrease to 55%

13 Jan 2023: 1.86 : 0.09 (20.7 : 1) Ratio of the Up-to-Date Vaccination to the No Minimum Protection, in ICU (7-day average incidence rate x the respective population)

“Unvaccinated stressing healthcare system”?

Since 83% of the eligible population has Minimum Protection – even if the chance of being in ICU, is the same for both the Minimum Protection & No Minimum Protection – does it mean that the ratio should be around 83 : 17 (4.9 : 1)?

Most in ICU Up-to-Date Vaccination?

55% of eligible population has up-to-date vaccination

(13 Jan 2023)

3,102,000 (55% x 5640000 Population at risk) Up-to-Date Vaccination divided by 100,000 x 0.06 = 1.86

132,000 age 18 & above No Minimum Protection (Jan 10, 2022 – don’t seem to be able to find the latest data?) divided by 100,000 x 0.07 = 0.09

7-Day Moving Average of Number of Active Cases in ICU, per 100k Population, by Vax Status

0.06 Up-to-Date Vaccination

0.04 Minimum Protection

0.07 No Minimum Protection

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Han Hui Hui (lead litigant)

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