What a great start to the new year 2023 – already so many “quite ridiculous”?

What a great

1) SPH & Keppel: “Nameless” culprits & “missing” so many things? Uniquely Singapore!https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid0y5aa5uGKRexRDvVeiWXQeXND5RGtMJxEeAiUkMhnXBqAyTxPqtAYGhYWMVMQgjEjl

2) Parliament): Sers AMK 99% need not top-up? Meaningless statistics?https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid02kM6k6Er8MtUTU8ZgBdYAXzXa6WV4n4k9esqZ2cqR93U5x1MsDhhTa7Cnk2gdFhp5l

3) Parliament: “Meaningless” not to breakdown households into HDB, Condos & Landed?https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid02mxdzxi5FE6rCgrTG9eS4sbSVQbXXoqZKD7ogprinfKxE1XA2KpSTRSAjVqgtR6xl

4) (Parliament): NS statistics that are not only “not meaningful”, but “meaningless”?https://www.facebook.com/100063165581944/posts/pfbid07QWEGg8BELhzc7m31wW63ofAkVUdrUsPF3nerTb5VgcUVvDS19dTrm6A89NpbrR4l/?mibextid=Nif5oz

5) Fresh poly grads finding full-time permanent jobs in 2022 – 59%, Starting pay real increase 0.1% p.a. last 15 years?https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid031W5U6J8NGdn7bXcbsmfjfMLYaBvcaRawXmRVoTcAT5fZ1UbX5RfBYpv41fVdSt6l

6) Political office holders’ salary review: Ministers’ pay increased 46x vs 18x for “factory worker” last 56 years?https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid0293gcTcFTdBrfBygt8Zj1BVYv4dZEmPy1LaMqg817om3mv5NqA8DEurpM3nf73d2l

7) Nurse’s vaccination side effects – hospitalised 151 day, became wheelchair bound, sacked by the hospital for being unfit to work – Was attributing the “stress to the healthcare system” primarily to the “non-fully vaccinated” justified? https://www.facebook.com/laoliang/posts/pfbid02h7awpFy6M7EbiQV73nd1JsR1bGJzVauA8A5eBricvFRvNpUutP7MBbUdQ2VBnhQXl



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