Fastest-growing jobs – Healthcare Assistant – Take-home Pay $1,367 – Is this a joke or what? Very low pay, very long hours, compared to other countries?


“These are the fastest-growing jobs in Singapore, according to LinkedIn” (ST, Jan 18)

The 4th fastest-growing is Healthcare Assistant

Their median gross income was $1,999 in Jun 2021……/Occupational-Wages……

As I understand that this in including employer CPF – the typical take-home pay after CPF, may be about $1,367

Very low pay, very long hours, compared to other countries?

In this connection, ” Local support care workers, who assist nurses and perform personal care chores such as feeding seniors, for instance, are paid an average basic salary of around S$1,350 per month in Singapore, while foreign workers are paid around S$850. By comparison, a support care worker can be paid a post-tax salary of S$3,300 in Australia, S$3,000 in Japan, S$1,700 in Korea and $3,750 in Hong Kong. Significantly, foreign and local workers are protected by minimum wage laws and paid the same in all countries studied, barring Singapore.

For instance, at around $1,350 per month, local nursing aides get paid less than childcare workers ($1,400), clinic attendants ($1,738) or sales assistants ($1,547) in Singapore. The Lien Foundation study also showed that at 50 hours, long term care workers in Singapore clocked the longest hours per week among the countries surveyed, barring Hong Kong (57 hours). Traditionally, locals have also shunned support care jobs because of the physical demands of the job and their unwillingness to perform tasks that are viewed as menial or dirty such as changing diapers of elderly nursing home residents.……/Presser%20-%20LTC……


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