Minister lives in Black & White bangalow 174x that of the size of 4-rm HDB – how much rental – can’t tell you now – wait for next Parliamentary sitting in Jul?

Source from the Business TimesSource from the Business Times

“According to the SLA, the total size of the lots 24,26,31 Ridout Road is 48,790 square metres or approximately 525,171.19 square feet.”

So, does the above mean that each of the 3 Black & White bungalows may be about 16,263 sq m (48,790 divided by 3)?

As the size of 4-room HDB flats is about 85 to 93 sq m – does it mean that the subject Black & White bangalow, may be about 174 times (16,263 divided by 93) that of a 4-room flat?

In this connection, I understand that a cabinet Minister’s annual total remuneration may be about $2m

In this connection, the average prices of non-matured estates HDB BTO 4-room flats increased from $147,500 in 2001 to $371,500 in 2021…/are-btos-still-as…/…

In this connection, the following are the “lower-income” resident workers’ income statistics:

– Jun 2022

28,700 less than $500

77,200 $500 – 999

156,500 $1,000 – 1,499

175,600 $1,500 – 1,999

181,800 $2,000 – 2,499…/Labour-Force-in-Singapore

The above means that about 619,800 workers’ typical take-home pay was less than $1,999 ($2,499 less 20% employee CPF contribution)

To put the above figure in perspective – about 706,600 (619,000 + 87,600 unemployed residents Jun 2022 non-seasonally adjusted), earned less than $1,999


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