Best “Straits Times editorial” ever?


I refer to the editorial “Balance autonomy with accountability” (Straits Times, Mar 23).

Best Straits Times editorial ever!

This must be the best editorial that I have ever read in the Straits Times.

“WP opposed the move on political grounds”

It states that “Better governance of town councils is an objective that all Singaporeans support, including, avowedly, the Workers’ Party. Yet it was symbolic of this decade’s chafing town council politics that the party voted against the recent amendments to the Town Councils Act despite their undoubted practical value. The WP opposed the move on political grounds, as a clause on ministerial powers to order investigations was said to be “prone to abuse” by a ruling party acting against its rivals.

100% of accumulated surpluses to sinking fund if a new MP from another party is elected?

Since the Act was passed in 1988, the driving logic of the amendments seen over the years was the better management of these essential bodies. For example, in the 1990s, the representation of residents in the council was increased, and the transfer of surpluses to the sinking fund was required at the end of a term of office.”

Read to understand why “best editorial” ever?

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“Allegations of bias”

“But such is the intrusion of politics that allegations of bias surfaced repeatedly, notably after the first Town Council Management Report was produced by the National Development Ministry in 2010.”

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Sale of software to AIM?

“The friction has been pronounced over the last six years. The sale of town council software to a People’s Action Party-owned company led to a review, which found no wrongdoing.”

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“Elevating standards so key objectives can be fulfilled”?

“And the Opposition-run council was probed for administrative lapses by the Auditor-General and an independent auditor.

As a Singapore experiment to transfer estate management from public professionals to elected representatives, the focus should be on elevating standards so key objectives can be fulfilled. The autonomy to run estates offers an opportunity for MPs to engage residents widely, demonstrate leadership and permit towns to evolve their own character. By drawing from the best practices elsewhere, there’s no reason why town councils here cannot become models of good governance.”

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