Ownself appoint panel to sue ownself with ownself money?


I refer to the article “AHTC court case is an opportunity for Workers’ Party to put their side of the story to the public” (theonlinecitizen, Jul 27).

As a resident of Aljunied town council – I am somewhat confused and puzzled.

Did my town council ownself appoint own panel to sue ownself using ownself money for the legal costs?

Also, since only someself of ownself are being sued by ownself – will these someself of ownself be so broke and busy as to affect their duties and responsibilities to ownself (residents)?

With this ownself appoint panel to sue ownself – who else in his or her right mind would want to serve as a town councillor?

What was the process that ownself selected the panel which eventually sued ownself?

How were the members of the panel identified by ownself in the first place?

Why choose two lawyers and one accountant?

Wouldn’t it have been better to have a more diverse panel?

How much is the estimated legal costs that ownself have to pay (ownself money is the residents’ money) to sue ownself?

How long is this ownself sue ownself saga expected to last?

Are any of the other ownselfs going to appoint their own panels to see whether they need to sue ownself also?

If not, why is it that almost all the problems over the years are like ownself inflict ownself one?

And I thought only 38 Oxley Road would make Singapore the laughing stock of the world!

Leong Sze Hian

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