80% S’poreans can’t tell fake from real news?


So, what is ‘propaganda’, fake news – will most Singaporeans be able to tell the difference?

I refer to the article “4 in 5 Singaporeans confident in spotting fake news but 90 per cent wrong when put to the test: Survey” (Straits Times, Sep 27).

It states that “Four in five Singaporeans say that they can confidently spot fake news, but when put to the test, about 90 per cent mistakenly identified at least one out of five fake headlines as being real.

These were among the findings of an online survey released on Thursday (Sept 27) by global independent market research agency Ipsos, which aims to understand the susceptibility of Singaporeans towards fake news.

A total of 750 Singapore citizens and permanent residents, aged 15 to 65, participated in the survey between July 30 and Aug 2.

Younger Singaporeans and university graduates were more confident about this, the survey found.

But when they were given five news headlines from digital channels and asked to indicate which ones were fake, only 43 per cent correctly identified two or fewer fake headlines out of the five.”

My friends said “aiyah, this one so obvious lah! Propaganda lah – immediately after fake news recommendations – now got this survey – what a coincidence hehe!

We asked a lot of people and 100% said they know for sure lah! Its so obvious that all of the following were ‘propaganda’ by our 151st ranked media:- – not worth the paper it is printed on lah hahahaha!”

“… “The ‘HDB’ propaganda war has begun?” (Sep 23)

… “2 pages HDB: Shit Times not worth the paper it is printed on?” (Aug 26)

… “Shit TV: Not worth the screen you watch it on?” (Aug 26)

… “Why 151st ‘relentlessly attacking’ Malaysia?” (Aug 17)

… “ST not worth paper its printed on lah?” (Jul 30)

… “Health data hacking: “Damage control” reporting – 6 in 1 day hor?” (Jul 21)

… “Salaries: Is the Straits Times worth the paper it is printed on?” (Jun 25)

… “Gambling reaches record high, but 151st media said … ?” (Nov 24, 2017)

… “151st media makes my ’64th birth’ day”?” (Nov 23, 2017)

… “151st media did it 8 times in the last 2 months?” (Sep 28, 2017)”

Leong Sze Hian



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